Bandung to The Smart City

Hi, long time since my last post in this blog. Today is a special day to our lovely City Mayor, Ridwan Kamil, establishing new park in the city as a part of Bandung Happiness Index Project. My friend and I spared our time to visit this new public park which is called Taman Pasupati or Pasupati Park. Located right under the fly over of Pasupati Fly Over spread up from Pasteur Area to Gasibu Area, this park is lovely.

Taman Pasupati or Taman Jomblo in the center of Bandung, right under the Pasupati fly over
Taman Pasupati or Taman Jomblo in the center of Bandung, right under the Pasupati fly over

The Mayor gave this park another nickname, called Taman Jomblo or Park for Open Relationship Person (Single). This park is included in new Bandung project to increase the happiness index of Bandungers. Many people knows that Bandung was famous with its nickname Parijs Van Java, but it has been changed lately. People miss the atmosphere of Bandung, cold, fresh, flowery, happy and comfortable. Ridwan Kamil, as our new mayor for period of 2013-2018 commits to take Bandung to reach victory, to Bandung Juara, and increasing people’s happiness index. He said that if you see people gathers and do a lot of activities more outside the house than staying inside, you’ll see that they love the city more than before.



Let’s hope that Bandung will be the first in Indonesia to be the winner. Bandung Juara!!

5 thoughts on “Bandung to The Smart City

  1. Taman jomblo, wkwk.. It just bcause the creativity of the mayor of Bandung, or his experience for ever be ‘jomblo’ 😀

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