#graciesPep, Straight From The Heart

This was the bluest moment and jaw-dropping game I’ve ever seen with Barcelona. It is Lionel Messi who breaks more personal records. It was Pep Guardiola’s speech which was so heartfelt to us at the end of the game. It was the simple celebration for a spectacular 4 years with high achievements Guardiola has given us. It is huge thanks from all of us for you because you have shown the world what a good football play really is. Everybody can’t skip just one game to watch these amazing plays Barcelona has shown. Tears, joys, hard work  and ultimate down to earth attitude Barcelona showed us is more than anything. I can’t fool myself that this last match at home against Espanyol was more than I can bear. It is a privilege for us, cules, to see and enjoy your best for 4 years. You showed us how to be a humble person, even your achievements is just amazing and hard to compete by any other coach today. We were lucky to have you and maybe you decide to come back, it would be joy for all of us. Bring us more ideas, superb tactical play, and hunger feeling to be the best.

Guardiola with his last speech at Camp Nou Stadium :

“Life has given me this gift. During 5 years I have been close to you, to these players. I’m privileged. I hope you, the fans, have passed some good times with the team. We’ve felt you close. You don’t know how lucky I am. I will miss you a lot. I lose more than you, you’re in good hands. I take off the seatbelts, but not you. Keep seated and you’ll have a great time. See you soon! I will always be around!”

we will never forget this :


It doesn’t matter we didn’t win two main trophies this season but we have seen all the hard work and determination. That is enough to make us lucky to be cules. This last match was very emotional to all Barcelona fans around the world and true, there is nothing more to say. You came as a humble man, showed us how to be humble person in and outside the pitch and you humbly left as a great coach. Thank you for your believe in homegrown players and give the high confidence to play.

Lluis Llach wrote a song full with gratitude meaning and made my heart so overwhelmed with tears. Tears of joy, lucky to have you as Barcelona coach. Tears of thankfulness, I’m so lucky to be a real cule.

If this is goodbye

I want the sky clear and clean

With bird to break the harmony of a good song

It’s a luck

And you find a lack in me


If this is love

I guess the sun makes the day stay longer

Stealing time to stop the clock

It’s a luck

We have found everything we missed yesterday

That’s the fruits you gave us


If this is a journey

The road might go slowly to write tomorrow

But in the fog we keep on walking

Not asking for simplification or silver stars

Just a luck, a little one

That life has given us a way

To face all promises future

We’re all going to miss you terribly and we all love you. Gracies Pep Guardiola.


Messi loves his coach so much. #gaciesPep

It might be easy to say goodbye but the memories will stay in our heart, always

5 thoughts on “#graciesPep, Straight From The Heart

  1. kita nantikan format baru barca ala villanova spt apa, mgkn scra umum ga bakalan berubah..walaupun bermain indah&bnyk memenangi tropi,tak bisa dipungkiri barca era guardiola selalu penuh kontroversi&over act dr pemain2nya..beda di jaman-jamannya barca era rijkaard,antic,van gaal&robson (era2 barca yg mulai saya lihat).
    adios guardiola,silakan cari tantangan baru di italia,inggris,prancis atau jerman 😉

  2. Gràcies mister x tot el que ens has donat!!
    I did watch the streaming this morning and it was a bitter sweet ending indeed.

    To complete the sadness, Cesc even tweeted (I know I'm Cescy bias :p):

    "Increible el privilegi que he tingut aquest any i especialment avui d'estar a l'estadi al costat d'aquest senyor. Per sempre" #GràciesPep

    (eng: "I had the incredible privilege this year , especially to be today at the next step goodbye of this man. Forever #thankyoupep")


    PS: if you wanna listen to the song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hjU3czlwcA "Que Tinguem Sort by Lluís Llach"

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