Book I read : Lionel Messi, The Inside Story of the Boy Who Become aLegend

I love this book a lot


Another book I’ve read and being concerned as interesting at least by myself is “Lionel Messi, The Inside Story of the Boy Who Become a Legend” by Luca Caioli in English version. I find this book interesting not just as a fan but also as a writer. I learn a lot how to write the same book like Luca Caioli made. This book revealed that Lionel Messi is such a shy boy and hardly realized that his name is written all over the world for his talents, achievements and records. It is amazing.

After years of pain of injecting daily hormones to rectify his growth he began to bloom. The Flea, the little argentine, moved from a little happy place in Rosario, Argentina, to Barcelona at the age of 13 to be handled by a big Catalonian football club FC Barcelona. In this book, Messi didn’t say much but his families, friends, coaches and other football figures testify his calm temperament and his temper helped him to survive in football, the world he loves so much.

Luca Caioli, an Italian journalist who now lives in Spain, writes this book so good. I read this over and over again. This fantastic boy has become the greatest football player in the world for three times and maybe he can reach the fourth this year. Well, at the last chapter you can read what was Leo said about himself, life and of course football.

People know there is nothing special from his outside appearance, he speaks flat lack of expression and he tends to be shy and quiet. His height is categorized short for European people, but everybody forget his appearance once he touches the ball and play it beautifully. In every era of football we find the greatest player and from this modern era, we all know that not Wayne Rooney or even Cristiano Ronaldo, but Lionel Messi, is the greatest player in the world.

Messi with the talents is a great person personally, down to earth and always play the ball with his heart. He is a role model to any young player from around the world in and outside the pitch. He always raise his arms and look up to the sky every time he scored, looks like he is very grateful for what he has and what God made him as he is now.

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