Congrats Real Madrid, Move On Barca !

Disappointed to the inside Guardiola’s head in the big match versus Real Madrid last night. What a jawdropping for me to read the official line up which there was named Christian Tello instead of Cesc Fabregas or Pedro Rodriguez. Was it mean that Guardiola didn’t think much of league title anymore and he just focus on the Champions League? For many times I personally couldn’t understand the experimental line up team he made. Always we see surprises and question tag everywhere. I don’t get it.

Real Madrid worked better than Barca last night. Cules got to admit that. Lionel Messi can hardly kept the ball on his feet. Puyol got to work by himself because Pique was not there with him. Andres Iniesta, he should play in the middle instead of the left side because it made him a little bit awkward in the pitch. Xavi Hernandez put his best effort to control the midfield but his work seemed not good enough. Well, overall, this is only my personal opinion. Players and team my feel bad about this bad lost but we still got to move on. There’s another big match coming and this time I hope Guardiola put his best effort to make the best line up.

With 99.582 crowded fans at Camp Nou last night, it is impossible if the players didn’t get any support from the fans. It’s like crazy, they came to the stadium to yell, to support and to make team feel good but unluckily luck was not at our side. All Madrid players were discipline and Mourinho already learn from the past and now he knows how to stop Barca in the pitch. I have to admit, besides all the drama and controversy, Christiano Ronaldo did great in the game last night.

What if … and many other what if, burst off from the fans about the game but let me tell you this. What you said and wish today is never gonna change the results. there is no what if, what we have to do is hoping that  Guardiola is going to decide the best squad not an experimental one for the next hard match against Chelsea. this is the final, we lost the game then we should say goodbye for the Champions League title too. it is hard because every fans expect winning better than losing but this is a game. every game has two sides of aspects, win and lose. think it, cules.

Now, let’s see the game logically and accept losing like winning. It was sad and felt bad but don’t let inside your heart too long. Keep on moving and look ahead. They need our support and show your support in every circumstances. That’s what a good fans are. Congratulations Madrid, finally you can beat us at home and you played good for real. VISCA BARCA!!

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