Usefulness of Ginger for Health

Ginger has been used as a herbal remedy. Add the ginger in a cup of tea, it can make your body healthier. Before a medium-sized ginger put in a cup, rinse, then crushed it and immediately put in a cup of tea. The following are the reasons why you must add ginger in a cup of tea, every day.

– Reduce pain
If you get injured, feel sick, or in the process of healing, ginger may be mainstays. Ginger can reduce pain and swelling.

“Oil of ginger can fight inflammation and increase blood supply. This helps reducing swelling and pain. The oil is also able to heal wounds in the body,” said nutritionist, Amita Tandon from Idiva.

– Lowering blood pressure
Ginger can increase blood circulation throughout the body, and lowers high blood pressure. In addition, the content in ginger could stretch the muscles that open the arteries. Thus, ginger may also reduce the risk of heart disease.

– Smooth digestion
Ginger is a natural cleanser and helps the digestive process. Ginger relaxing the muscles of the digestive functions, so that the absorption of food becomes easier. Also, ginger can also overcome stomach cramps, which often occur during menstruation.

– Nausea
Nausea and dizziness often appears in the morning, or commonly known as “morning sick.” Instead of taking the nausea drug, it’s better to drink ginger water. You can brew ginger which had been mashed with warm water and add a little sugar. Because ginger can relax the tensed intestinal muscles and cause nausea, then it is very effective in eliminating headache.

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