What a Crossfire, Congrats Chelsea !

Last night game was a heart racing for me as a cule. Once you face the same history with what you had three years ago, it might a bit disappointed to watch your team lose. Barca faced again the same rival in semi final Champions League, Chelsea FC, which they still have a sore think about Andrea Iniesta’s injury time goal which was amazing.

Barcelona showed the world of football the ususal play they believe in unfortunately Chelsea under Roberto Di Matteo’ s Italian style put a super defensive strategy which was very effective to keep the Blaugrana silent. Last night was a play in Stamford Brigde but the chants of Barcelonistas were immense and echoing around the stadium.

Overall, the game was interesting showed by both teams but Didier Drogba seems too much doing in the pitch. He is a good player but doesn’t need to do so much action. From my point of view and maybe everybody, would say Peter Cech did the best performance last night. From all the attempts Barca had made, two shots on goal were hit the bar and that’s too bad. Well, it was a bad night for Barca because they have to return home with sad feeling and regret of losing their chances. Seems like Pep would learn from the strategy last night that an over-crowded midfielder is not a good options to face a defensive team like Chelsea. Pep must think harder and prove his best back there at home. Chelsea only need one goal in Nou Camp and they go to the final but Barca needs two goals to get a final ticket. Interesting that two biggest Spanish teams are facing second leg with losing in the first. This should boost their motivation and grab the victory at home. Now, let’s think about the important game to come this weekend, the Clasico. Good luck, guys.

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