Tips for staying fit after a long night without sleeping

What should be noted that the body condition of staying in shape despite the lack of sleep at night? Impact of sleep deprivation is a disruption of productivity, because it does not fit your body and your brain becomes difficult to concentrate. But if it is anticipated the right way, such interference should be minimized.

Here are some tips that can be implemented by us:

1. Enough nap
We plan to stay up at night, a nap is enough to be included the agenda of the previous day.

The problem is, it can not be performed when we are busy with work during the day. Go to sleep for 12 hours the night before. Or go to sleep early and wake up just before the intended time. Make sure that the rest time of not less than 7-8 hours a day.

2. Choose snacks
In order not to feel sleepy during late nights, avoid heavy foods that contain lots of sugar and carbohydrates. Choose fruits, vegetables or salad for healthy snacks

Not only to prevent drowsiness, the food does not guarantee the energy needs of fatigue during a sleepless night. Chili sauce may be added, just to avoid drowsiness.

3. Make physical activity
Many people have proven that physical activity is an effective solution to overcome drowsiness. Exercise makes the body more alert, so do not feel sleepy.
Because besides physical activity, fresh air is also very helpful in keeping the body still feels fit. If you’re still sleepy, push ups or 50 times as far as 100 meters sprint, guaranteed to make your body back in shape.

4. Drinking coffee
The caffeine in coffee or energy drinks are not a natural solution to make the body stay awake, because it is manipulating the organ systems work. But while not consumed in excess, such drinks proved effective enough to maintain the heart rhythm all night.

Try not to be addicted, and should only be drunk when drowsiness is not really unbearable and other tips are not working to resolve it.

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