Good Recipe to Control Your Emotions

Have you ever felt angry, swear at people? It is part of the expression of our feelings as human beings. We all have a positive and negative emotion. Positive emotions such as happy, contented, cheerful, safe, proud and others.

Negative emotions such as sadness, disappointment, envy, hatred, loneliness, and others. When we feel good, we feel comfortable. Conversely when we feel sad we feel uncomfortable. But we must be able to overcome these negative feelings. How?

Here are the steps you can try to control your emotions:

1. Get to know our feelings such as anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, anxiety, and others in every situation and whaever can make us feel angry, scared, happy, dlll.
2. Get to know our response to the feelings experienced as anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, anxiety, and others. Watch what you do to other people and themselves when these feelings arise. For example: when he was angry you want to be left alone, only accompanied by snacks, etc..
3. Try to understand what causes these feelings.
4. Accept and admit that you feel these feelings, not deny it. For example: you’ve got new shoes and your friends feel envy with the shoes that turned out very nice one. You already know the cause then admit that you are jealous, do not refuse and say “no way I’m jealous, do not want that kind of shoes.” Due to accept and acknowledge the feeling that means you’ve opened yourself. At first it might be a little difficult to admit it but by recognizing a feeling, it’s easier to handle.
5. Know your abilities and your limitations in dealing with these situations.
6. Identify ways that have succeeded and which one have failed
7. Learn new ways. For example, by imitating the experience of others, read books, etc.

It was not easy to control emotions inside but with training and continuous practice you will be much easier to suppress your emotions and add your emotional intelligence.

Thus you will be easy to cope with excessive emotion.

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