Dental Destructive Habits

Some habits are often done that can cause rapid tooth damaged. Not only cause pain but also triggered various problems of the gums and even the jawbone.

Because of that mistaken belief, practices that often do not realize the danger. Chewing gum containing xylitol for example, is considered good for oral health but it can trigger jaw pain. Also some bad habits that never even occurred to the danger. For example snacking at night, biting your nails and breathe through your mouth, even apparently trivial but also causes problems no less serious.

Here are seven habits that can lead to tooth decay

1. Snacking at night
Compared to daytime, saliva production is reduced at night. Because one function of the saliva is to clean the teeth from food scraps, then snacked at night can easily cause tooth dates.

2. Drinking white wine
Some people avoid red wine because of the direct leave stains on your teeth. White wine also puts more permanent problem.

Though not cause stains, higher acidity of white wine can damage tooth enamel. The damage is in the form of rough spots and grooves that make teeth more susceptible to staining when consuming food or drink other color.

3. Breathing through the mouth
Sometimes if gasping when exercising or working hard, people started to breathe through the mouth. This causes the saliva in the oral cavity is reduced. In fact, another function of saliva is to maintain a layer of teeth to prevent decay.

4. Excessive gum chewing
Chewing gum actually has benefits, especially if the gum containing xylitol. These materials can help maintain health palate.

However, if excessive, then it can cause jaw joint connecting the skull bones. Excess pressure in that section can cause headaches, sore neck, face and ears.

5. Nail biting
Not only damage the nail itself, a bad habit that children often do causes serious damage to the teeth and gums. Tooth root changing its form and then trigger gingivitis (gum inflammation), while increasing the risk of bruxism or tooth movement that is not desired, such as rattling during sleep.

6. Juice and soda drinking directly from cans or bottle
Sipped straight from the bottle or beverage packaging enlarge the potential contact with teeth. Sugars and acids that can make rapid tooth decay. This risk can be reduced by drinking a soda or juice through a straw positioned pipe leading to the back of the mouth.

7. Brushing teeth horizontally
The damage that occurs during horizontal brushing your teeth is eroded enamel. As a result, teeth become fragile, easily broken and infection. Among dentists generally recommend brushing vertical manner, with a soft brush to avoid damaging the enamel.

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